• Biomedical Instrumentation.

  • Class II and Class III Medical Device Design.

  • Laboratory Analytical Instrumentation.

  • Industrial Instrumentation & Control.

  • Intrinsic Safety.

  • Consumer Devices.


  • Embedded firmware development for 8,16 and 32 bit controller applications.

  • CPLD and FPGA code development.

  • All Discrete Analog Hardware Design.

  • Switch-mode & Linear Power Design Topologies.

  • Linear Control Loop Analysis, Synthesis & Design for High Power / Voltage Application.

  • Bartek Technologies is a certified Platinum class Microchip Design Partner.


  • OrCAD Capture.

  • AutoCad.

  • SolidWorks.

  • Mentor Graphics PADS-PCB.

  • Intel Quartus II.

  • Linear & Nonlinear Circuit Analysis (PSPICE, BSIM3, HSPICE, LTSPICE and Generic Berkeley SPICE).

Shown below are some of the products that were developed by Bartek Technologies for various clients

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Pippin HT From Sage Science
This is a state-of-the-art DNA electrophoresis sequencing system all HV power supply and control electronics were developed at Bartek

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Blue Pippin From Sage Science
DNA size selection for Next-Gen sequencing. HV power supply, Photo detectors,Photo Emitters and control electronics were developed at Bartek
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The SageELF from Sage Science
an electrophoresis system that separates DNA or protein samples by size, and then fractionates the whole sample, or section of sample, into 12 fractions.  The system is equipped with pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving large DisNA
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Maestro 3000 Cardiac Ablation Generator
Developed at Bartek Technologies in 2003 for Boston Scientific
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Pippin Pulse from Sage Science
Electrophoresis Power supply for research use.
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Finnzymes’ Piko® Plate Illuminator (now Thermo Fisher Scientific)
A state-of-the-art plate rack that provides a simple way to track the loading of reactants by illuminating the target well(s) from below with white LED lights. With 10 different pre-programmed loading patterns, this device can fulfill just about any protocol requirements. It accepts both 24-well and 96-well Piko® PCR Plates and can be used with all standard single channel, 8-channel or 16-channel pipettors.
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One of many pieces of test equipment electronics designed for internal use at Bartek Technologies
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DDS15-XF USB Synthesized DDS 100 MHz Function Generator.
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DC Connect™ from Listen inc

A USB controlled precision DC power supply and current monitor. It enables high resolution dynamic measurements of voltage and current consumption in portable electronic devices such as noise-cancelling headphones, hearing aids, microphones, smartphones and other battery powered electronic devices.
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TBS-1080 Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Gas generation system from TBS Technologies.